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About Manaresi

“The year is 1898. In Florence Italy, near the famous Church of Orsanmichele, in Via De’ Lamberti, in the heart of Florence, is a stand-up Caffé, the first in Italy. Amongst the antique brass, mirrors and ornate woodwork, a delicious aroma fills the air. The aroma, and unique flavor of this unrivalled coffee from this caffé is one which every Florentine remembers in their heart and palate. This is the birthplace of Manaresi coffee.

Today, Manaresi continues the same tradition as it has since 1898. With the same meticulous attention to detail, choosing the highest quality coffee beans in the world, to create the best coffees. Roasting the beans, the old artisanal way, with devoted care to one small batch at a time, under strict human control and experience that no machine can duplicate. Maintaining over a century of superior quality and flavor to create an authentic Italian espresso.

The only changes to Manaresi coffee in over 120 years is the packaging which is used to preserve the flavor, and the fact that one no longer need to travel all the way to Florence, Italy to enjoy the unmatched flavor of Manaresi coffee.”

SINCE 1898

Made in Italy

Manaresi History

6 October 1898:

In via delle Porte Nuove area of Florence, Italy Manaresi establishes a roastery and coffee shop “bar” Caffe de Ritti, the first of its kind.

May 1956:

The popular Italian magazine "Oggi" dedicates an article (issue no. 21) on Il Caffè Manaresi, (Il Caffè de' Ritti) defined as "il primo bar di Firenze", the first Florentine espresso bar and coffee shop.


Manaresi celebrates its 60th anniversary


- Manaresi introduces the current logo with the right to use the image of Michelangelo’s David. - Manaresi relocates their roasting facility to Chianti shire where it is still located today - Manaresi begins selling high-end whole bean and ground coffee products through large retailers through the Italian market.


Manaresi celebrates 100th year anniversary and for the occasion, introduces the elite coffee blend Gourmet.


Manaresi introduces the Nespresso compatible capsules.


Manaresi partners with Nobilis SRS Japan to, provide whole bean and ground coffees to the Japanese marketplace.

Value Statement

Authentic Italian espresso made in Italy since 1898. Providing our consumers with over 120 years of passion and experience in selecting the best raw coffee beans from regions around the world. Unmatched in quality, and robust flavor due to attention to detail in channeling that passion into roasting small batches, blending Arabica and Robusta on site, to produce a truly superior coffee.